Install Docker in Amd Hackintosh Ryzentosh System

If you have Hackintosh system with ryzen processor then you might have faced a problem with docker installtion. as docker needs Intels VT-x or Amd-v to run on each platform but mac os do not have support for AMD-v because apple never used amd cpus for mac and even apple’s hypervisor only support intel processor.

But there is a way to run functional usable docker in Amd hackintosh. You may used Oracle’s virtualbox which support AMD-v virtualization even in mac os.

you may have heard of sometime in past that there is an option for docker to use virtualbox as driver but manully setting all those things is very error prone and time consuming.

I have Macos big sur installed on my ryzen system and i am using docker with that without any issue

There is very nice project to simplify the setup on github

lets start with installation.

i hope brew is installed on you system now first install the dinghy

brew tap codekitchen/dinghy
brew install dinghy

after installing dinghy install docker and docker-machine

brew install docker docker-machine

Now be carefully when you install virtualbox as not all version is workin with dinghy just go with version: virtualbox-6.1.26

any other version may not work as i have tested with higher version which wasn’t working. for installing virtualbox-6.1.26 download it from here

after installing virtualbox lets create a dinghy machine

dinghy create --provider virtualbox

Now add below line into your .bashrc and .zshrc file at the end

eval $(dinghy env)

this will set up the dinghy env everytime you will start the terminal or else you will get the error like docker daemon not running or something error

Now you can test docker by running any image for example

docker run --rm hello-world

you will see the Hello-World output

now you should also install docker-compose tool to work with compose file.

brew install docker-compose


I have not used docker in ryzen system that much but it is very much usable.


i have faced one problem when i tried to mount mysql service folder as volume on my dev folder mac then it gives error of chown permission denied other than that normal project folder volume is working with docker it only gives problem with mysql volume.

Usefull commands#

  • for deleting dinghy virtualbox
dinghy destroy
  • for stopping dinghy
dinghy halt
  • for starting dinghy
dinghy up
  • for getting ip of dinghy
dinghy ip

some changes to keep in mind

docker compose command will be docker-compose

for docker localhost service will not be accessible on localhost suppose you have started a nginx sevice and exposed port 80 of nginx on host machine then you can not access it via localhost:80

you have to use dinghy ip address or DNS created by dinghy like below

suppose your project folder name is myapp and you have docker-compose.yaml inside myapp folder and you have one web service named app then DNS will be


and for port other than 80


i hope i have covered every point if anything is missed you can comment or mail me

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