Reading Console Input Single Multiline Golang

How to read command line input in golang#

package main

import (

func main() {
	// reading single digit
	var number int
	fmt.Scanf("%d", &number)

	// reading multiple digits
	var inputs = make([]int, number)
	for i, _ := range inputs {
		fmt.Scanf("%d", &inputs[i])
	fmt.Println("input =>", number)
	fmt.Println("Numbers =>", inputs)

	// Reading single line
	reader := bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin)

	line, _ := reader.ReadString('\n')

	fmt.Println("input => ", line)

	// Reading multiple line
	stringSlice := make([]string, 2)
	scanner := bufio.NewScanner(os.Stdin)
	for i := 0; i < 2; i++ {
		stringSlice[i] = string(scanner.Bytes())



Reading inputs from command line is very useful when you are building any console app.

As you can see in the above programme. we have read single digit, multiple digit , single line and multiple line.

There are useful packages available to read from command line like buffered reader, scanner.

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